The Avengers 2 might be postponed

Actor Robert Downey Jr has been said he will not participate in the second installment of The Avengers series if his fellow actors/actresses do not receive a pay raise. It was released only last week how much each actor and actress made during and after the filming of The Avengers, what came as a shock to everyone was what a difference everyone was paid! Robert Downey Jr received over $50 million for his part in this movie, while actor Chris Evans, who had the same amount of screen time in the film as Downey, only received $6 million. Well, if Robert Downey Jr gets his way, his fellow actors and actresses will receive a well earned pay raise in the next movie. And let’s face it, Robert Downey Jr always gets his way.


Gatsby turns out Great

The Great Gatsby, released only a few days ago, has been receiving extremely high reveiws! The film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is told around the well known story of the book most people read some time in high school. This movie has been claimed to be really great and although I have yet to see it, I bet I’m going to agree once I do.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” faces an issue

Many people have highly anticipated this upcoming movie based off the old hit tv series, but when the first trailer was released it was met with some complaints. Director J.J. Abrams is known for his flashy effects and oh-so-many lens flares but he might of gone a little too far this time. Fans complained that the interior of the ship was far too shiny and it would be off-putting and distracting for them when they saw the movie. But fret not, with the released of the second trailer not too long ago all has been cleared up and the set no long “looks like an Apple store”.

Hello Number Nine

The hit tv series Supernatural‘s season eight is coming to a close soon. So the question that is always asked comes back, “Will there be another season?”. Eric Kripke, writer, director, and producer of the show has confirmed that, fret not, there will be a ninth season! (And a tenth if the actors are still for it by then.) So all the fans of this wonderful show won’t have to find new hobbies any time soon. That’s good news, right?

Iron Man 3 Premier

The third edition to the brilliant movies starring Robert Downy Jr hit the screens yesterday! This movie is already being seen with extremely high excitement by the public. The few people I have talked to who have seen the movie say its amazing and they would extremely suggest I go see it, heck, some of them tried to push me to the theatres right there (too bad I can’t get up and see movies at 11:30 pm like most people can). I will be sure to see this movie while it’s still in theatres, and I suggest everyone else who is a fan, or who might become a new fan, just the same!

100 Most Influential People of 2013


TIME has released their list of 100 Most Influential People of 2013. It includes many people to be expected to be on there, such as one obvious choice, Beyonce, and also includes people who have caused such a change in this world but may still be unknown to some people, such as Malala Yousafzai. And two people who I am surprised but also not surprised in the least to find on here, creators and founders of the famous sandbox game, Minecraft, Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten! The whole list is extremely interesting to look at so I suggest everyone take a glance!